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About Lilly

Hi! I am Lilly... the blogger behind Live, Laugh, & Love with Lilly. I am a twenty something, stay at home mama who enjoys lots of things. Some of you might say I'm sorta crunchy.  
I use essential oils and love the way it makes my home smell.
I...umm, we have quite an obsession with cloth diapersI will always have my music blasting in my house, I LOVE make-up! total make up and hair junkie! A girl can NEVER have enough make-up!Total foodie, when the munchies strike in this household... you better believe we have healthy and natural snacks and goodies.  I enjoy cooking & baking for the family. Trying new recipes. and having littles approve.I like to be creative, and always am determined to learn new things.  When I find some down time I like to crochet and knit.  
Love shopping... like who doesn't?  Especially when you score a great deal on sales!

Just gave you some random facts about me...

What is one random fact about you?