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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Let's Fly Off with Li'l Woodzeez | Review HGG16 |

I was provided with sample for my unbiased review.  All thoughts are my own and honest experience with this product.

Oh-em-gee! These Li'l Woodzeez are too adorable! Let me tell you as soon as I opened the little family of Snipadoodles ( Sheep Family) my munchkin has not put them down.  Literally she has been been playing with them ever since!  They are too cute!

We received the Snipadoodles, and they are the sheep family of Honeysuckle Hollow.  

Honeysuckle Hollow is where all the woodland creatures work together to take care of each other and their environment.  Every animal family has special job and everyday is an adventure.
The Li'l Woodzeez work at the Baabaa Spa and Hair Salon.  There is only one place in town that specializes in shampoos, curls, cuts and nail trims- the Baabaa Spa and Hair Salon.  Lucy and Ozzie Snipadoodles are pros when it comes to making their animal friends in Honeysuckle Hollow look and feel terrific.  One day the salon begins filling up quickly, and not just for hairdoos.  It seems everyone in town wants to meet the famous visitors who've come to the salon for a new do'.  Luckily Lucy and Ozzie's kids, Jake and Emmie, are on hand to snap pictures of the celebs with all their newest friends.

I can totally imagine collecting more.  What's not to like? All the families work together to protect the environment.  How cool.  

Another item we got to play with is the Honeysuckle Airway!  It comes with a lot of little small items that you can find in an airplane.  A total of 35 pieces! Of course the li'l woodzeez are sold separately.  This one was another big hit.  We had the Snipadoodles fly away to a little vacation. 

The airplaine even has reclining seat! Ha! Don't worry, there are also pillows and blankets to be nice and comfy.  There is even little food trays to feed the passengers.  Just roll the trolley down the aisle.  Offer some juice, water, or coffee.  

I love the idea behind this! There is so much thought that went into this! It truly does let your little ones imagination take off!  You know?  I'm impressed with all the small details.  This is what I like!

I totally recommend gifting some Li'l Woodzeez this holiday season!  Hey! at the time of this post this set is on sale at Target!  Only $24.99 it is originally 29.99!

There are many more families in Honeysuckle Hollow.  The Healthnuggle Bear Family is also so cute! Aw! Another favorite of mine would be the Whooswhoo Owl Family! Ha, Ha, the name kills me! I must collect them all! Yes Lilly loves this!  Plus my munchkin has not stopped playing with her Li'l Woodzeez! Kids will love these, give them a try.  

If this were to become a cartoon it would be so, so cool! We will most definitely watch!
Won't you?    
Tell me who is your favorite Honeysuckle Hollow family?  What accessories would you get first?  
Do you own any Li'l Woodzeez, if so how do your kids like them?

Look at this adorable commercial! That treehouse! Ouuhh!

$24.99 at the time of this post
Where to Buy
Li'l Woodzeez are available at Target!

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*Disclaimer: As mentioned above I received product in order for review. I was under no obligation to write a positive review in exchange for the product, my opinion is my own. I was not financially compensated for this post.

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