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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hauling Fun!

Oh maah gawd! Toys! Yep! Toys everywhere :D I love toys too ❤️ the inner child in me geeks out for any cool new toys.  Yeah I play a long with my kiddos too!  It's fun to play and learn together.

Image result for Shopkins

Anyways, lately I've been spotting Shopkins! Ahh!  I can't look away, I can't pass them by, I love them!  I mean come on! If you see them they are so cute!  So every time we see them we must get them. My little munchkin loves them just as much.  When we go out we always come home with some new ones!  Ha,ha who can relate?  Just watch my Instagram feed. 

This week I found these season 3 12 packs!! Ahh! We had to have them.  Pictures coming soon.
We can't wait to open them up and see what we got in the bling bags!

What season did you start collecting Shopkins??

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