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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Yummy Goodies from Goodie Girl Cookies #HGG

I received samples in order for review.  All opinions are my own.

Cookies, they are a great snack anytime an any where.  I'm a big fan of cookies, we all actually are. Some weekends you will find me baking a batch of cookies for all us cookie monsters!  Really, cookies are something we must have at home.  When I received these cookies from Goodie Girl I had to quickly snap pictures up before everyone here started to claim theirs.  Ha, Ha!

There's 5 delicious flavors of Goodie Girl Cookies!  Which are Quinoa Choco-Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Mint Slim, Midnight Brownie, and Toffee Crunchy Chaos.  Let me tell you they all sound delicious!
I first opened the Mint Slim's so we all can share and YUM! YUM!  They were so tasty! Love the taste of chocolaty cookie covered in more minty chocolate.  It's not overwhelming and yet so full of flavor.  Uhm, sorry we kinda ate the whole thing and didn't get any pics of the cookie.  #sorrynotsorry

Another favorite of mine was also the Midnight Brownie!  I really liked this one too!  It is so full of chocolate flavor! Like a really chocholaty brownie! Yum, this was defintely a second favorite!  Next time I am at Whole Foods, I know which ones I am getting. :D I know I'm not alone cause when I shared with my little she said "MMMMmm! dis sew guuod!"

Hubby claimed Oatmeal Raisin, those were his favorite.  Did he share? Sure he did, only a little cause hubs likes to keep the oatmeal raisin cookies to him self.  He took them to work so he can have them with his mornin' coffee.

The Quinoa Choco-Chip takes just like chocolate chip cookies, you really can't tell there is quinoa in it!  It's like a regular chocolate chip cookie made without the junk.  Just the healthy good stuff! My kiddos liked these too.

Now the Toffee Crunchy Caos is a cookie with pieces of toffee and caramelized crispy rice mixed with chocolate chips.  When you bite into this cookie you can definitely feel the crispy rice in it and the hint of toffee.  It is crunchy cookie but it is light in your mouth.

These Goodie Girl cookies were a hit!  I am glad my family liked these.  They are so much healthier and are naturally gluten free!  So some are made with rice flour, quinoa flour, that is what makes them gluten free.

About Goodie Girl Cookies
A mom, native New Yorker, and founder of Goodie Girl Cookies, I began my quest in 2010 to create an all-natural, super delicious line of cookies that are AMAZINGLY gluten-free. Aimed at everyone who loves cookies while still accessible to the 30% growing population who avoid gluten.Based in Tribeca, NY, Goodie Girl specializes in creating gluten free cookies with surprising flavors and exciting twists on cookie classics that evoke the fantasy of childhood. We make better-than-the-original Thin Mints named Mint Slims, crunchy Toffee Chaos , quirky Quinoa Chocolate Chip and more!Shira began baking in a home kitchen, grew to use an entrepreneurial kitchen incubators and a contract bakery until May 2014. Goodie Girl then partnered with renowned Toufayan Bakery, one of the most prominent family bakeries in the county. We’re proud to be the little sister to this incredible family.Today, we can provide everyone, including the gluten-avoidant, with perfect cookies for the on-the-go lifestyle. As a woman-led business, we demonstrate the inspiring energy of NYC, where, in one year, an idea like yummy gluten-free cookies can go from the small time to the big time, primed to reach a hungry wide market. Glamour, Martha Stewart Living, and Huffington Post agree: our Goodie Girl Cookies are delicious! With this serious buzz, we are poised to explode – Next to a store near you.

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*Disclaimer: As mentioned above I received product in order for review. I was under no obligation to write a positive review in exchange for the product, my opinion is my own. I was not financially compensated for this post.

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