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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dolly Moo Review

Disclosure: I did receive in return for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own

I was so excited when I got the chance to try out Dolly Moo!  Don't know what Dolly Moo is? Dolly Moo are hand crafted with carefully selected ingridients. Blended in small batches with lots of love and good energy!  All made here in Jersey!

I was lucky enough to receive Aloe Rose Quartz Toner. Pink Himalayan Salt Facial Scrub and Vanilla Body oil.  All of these products are amazing as it sounds!  If you know me, you know that I love all skincare and beauty. I absolutely loved all of it! I love taking care of my skin.

Let me tell you about this Aloe Rose Quartz Toner it smells so wonderful like roses in a bottle.
It is charged with rose quartz gemstone, yep!  There is a tiny piece of rose quartz inside each bottle.  It is supposed to help keep your skin young.  It is all hand mixed with Wild Harvested Witch Hazel, Aloe Juice, Organic Rose Water, Geranium Rose Essential Oil, Rose Quartz Gemstone, Love.  

Skincare dolly moo review aloe rose quartz toner

How did it feel? My thoughts.
It felt so refreshing, I liked everything about it.  The scent and how it made my skin feel afterwards. As if my skin was drinking it up and left it feeling so hydrated and plump. I use this every night after washing my face, I apply it with a cotton round. I see that it also removes any extra make-up my facial cleanser left on my face. You lovelies will love this. I put some in a tiny spray bottle to use to set my make-up or when my face needs a little TLC.

This Pink Himalayan Salt Facial Scrub was awesome! Also mixed by hand,
it contains Pink Himalayan Salt, Organic Rose Hip Oil, Organic Oats, Vitamin E, Strawberry Seeds, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Love. I think it's very cool that it contains strawberry seeds! Strawberry seeds people! I wonder how they got the seeds in there? :)  As soon as I received this I had to look inside and see.  
Skincare dolly moo review  Pink himalayan salt face scrub

How did it feel?  My thoughts?
It felt so moisturizing, the rose hip oil and vit E it contains makes your skin feel incredibly soft!! Like for real, I  wish I had some of that awesome rose hip oil they add into this! You need to feel this for yourself to experience this softness.  It smells like eucalyptus essential oil, I really like it.  When I smell the eucalyptus oil it makes me think of fresh and clean.  That's exactly how my face feels after using this facial scrub.  I use it 1x a week and then I follow up with more rose hip oil. 

Now onto this Vanilla Body Oil,  made with hand mixed ingridients of grape seed oil, organic golden jojoba oil, vitamin E, vanilla fragrance oil (IFRA approved) and of course Love.  Wow it sounds so lush, makes you want to try it right away. It is said that vanilla is an aphrodisiac, healing and soothing for the soul.  Lots of TLC in a bottle. Plus, the bottle is made from recyclable glass.

Skincare dolly moo review vanilla body oil organic jojoba

How did it feel?  My thoughts?
I was really intrigued by this vanilla body oil!  I usually always go for something like lavender, but when I saw vanilla I was like "Ouuuh! that sounds nice." I use this after my baths, I apply it to wet skin so it can absorb better.  Made my body feel baby soft.  A little does go a long way, so start small. I thought it would smell like a weird chemically smell but, NO it didn't.  Smells wonderful! DH gave me a foot rub with this and it was awesome! :)  All the Dolly Moo body oils sound great!  I would love to smell that lavender body oil.

All in all, I got to tell you Lilly Loves!  I will most definitely be purchasing more of Dolly Moo! This is all awesome and I can not stress it enough that you need to try these products stat!  Lovelies if you need some pampering, TLC try out Dolly Moo!! It is all cruelty free!  There are other things in the shop, like lip balms, body scrubs,and more. Have a look around, there is lots you will love!
Almost forgot about the packaging! It's all packaged with love too!  Nicely wrapped and stuffed in a box. (check out video on my instagram)

About Dolly Moo:  
This exposure, experience, and innate love of all things lovely, combined with a summer in Israel and a float in the mystical Dead Sea inspired me to create my first Dead Sea Salt and Lavender body scrub. My beloved sister, and now business partner Amy, allowed me to work in her kitchen as I happily crafted jars of healing salts and calming lavender to share with my (brutally honest, though always loving) friends and family. The feedback from those I hold most near and dear was overwhelmingly positive, and soon my cherished hobby grew organically into a business. 
Amy’s driven sensibilities and my creative juices have mixed into a balanced relationship that is as beautifully blended as the beauty products we want so much to share with you. 
DollyMoo is made with selectively chosen ingredients, which Amy and I mix and package by hand. And because the products within our jars are as important as the jars themselves we always use recyclable glass. As we say, Mother Earth is so good to us, so lets be good to her! 

Our love for family, nature and all things beautiful lit our path to DollyMoo. From our home to yours may you enjoy our jars of healing joy as much as we, and those we love, do. 

Peace and Love,

Nicci and Amy 

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*Disclaimer: As mentioned above I received product in order for review. I was under no obligation to write a positive review in exchange for the product, my opinion is my own. I was not financially compensated for this post.   Thank you to Dolly Moo!

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