We got the POWER...

Hello lovelies!

we got the POWER! These past two weeks have been crazy! The weather has been horrible! Hurricane Sandy really was something, totally knocking and taking everything. Took all power, heat, & water.

Finally everything returned, It was way to long without anything. I really hope those of you who were in Sandy's path - were able to stay safe!
Was a bit worried though because of "another storm" that was also coming! So we were kinda thinking that everything would go out again. Luckily it didn't *phew*

Feels good to finally be able to log on and be able to update and get in the loop with with everything! I think I was going a bit mad without being able to log onto Twitter or Facebook.

So I am going to kick off this Friday with a review and giveaway!
So keep an eye out for my post later on! Plus I have way more coming up!
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How did you guys handle Sandy? Did you all stay safe? I know there are a lot of other places without power still.


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