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Monday, August 27, 2012

Blanket My Baby - Angel Dear Zebra Blanket Review

Blanket my Baby - The best destination for baby balnkets.
You know as a mom when we are shopping for babies, we tend to get a lot of blankets. Blanket my baby has it all! They have stoller blankets, swaddling blankets, security blankets and more. They have blankets from Aden + Anais, Swaddle Designs, Angel Dear, the list goes on and on. You definitely need to check out BMB.
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What is best about these is that Blanket my Baby can add personalization! Yes personalized baby blankets. Personalization makes it special, unique, and something to call your very own. It is the sweetest thought when you have something personalized, even more when it's for a special little someone on the way. Imagine a mom's joy when receiving a personalized blanket as a baby shower present? Or that huge smile a child gets when they receive it as a gift? Lots of happiness for years to come!

Blanket my Baby has generously sent Angel Dear Pink Zebra Blanket for review. I really love it! Ever since I laid my eyes on this Angel Dear Zebra Blanket I knew it was perfect. It just too adorable and very special. Feels really soft, I can imagine why babies love to hold onto these.
review, baby personalized blanket, lovie

It is the perfect little gift for your newborn!
-It is size 14"x 14"
-Cashemere soft
-Machine washable
You can BUY this same Pink Zebra Blanket or totally choose another animal, they have so many to choose from. Plus you can personalize it - they have different fonts and thread colors. So you can make it special.

You can save 10% off any personalized blanket with code "Personalize10"

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The opinions on here are my own, No compensation was provided. These are my honest thoughts. I received this product in exchange for my honest review. Thank You to Blanket my Baby.

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