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Monday, July 23, 2012

Comotomo Flexibility. Sensibility. The Natural-Feel Baby Bottle: Review

I was so excited when I received Comotomo Natural Feel baby bottle to review! I love the look of this bottle. It is so attractive! When you see it, you feel like you have to get it. I really loved evreything about this bottle! I know you will too.

Comotomo is made from carefully selected and FDA approved materials that are BPA free. So you can feel assured that this bottle if safe for your little one. No toxic chemicals. The silicone it's made from is the closest material to human skin. It's soft, skin like body makes it feel so natural. So soft and flexible.
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Comotomo! It feels like no other baby bottle out there. This is what makes it different and stand out. Definitely unbreakable! I remember with glass bottles how easy it was to break - Oh no! the glass would just shatter and go everywhere. Very messy too. Don't worry about this little gem breaking.
como tomo review, best baby bottle, live laugh love with lilly

It is very easy to clean! You do not need those bottle brushes to get into the bottle. Because of it's wide neck design you can literally fit you hand inside the bottle to get every part squeaky clean! Big plus! I know you will love that! I cannot wait to start using this bottle with my little bundle on the way.

Comotomo Natural Feel baby bottle
*Mimics natural breastfeeding.
*Has a natural tapered shape for proper breathing and feeding pace.
*Makes transition from breast to bottle easy
*Anti-Colic vents - "Unique air-flow" helps baby take in less air.
*Leak proof design

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Choices are always good - Comotomo comes in 3 different colors

Morning Apple

Noon Pink Chocolate

Night Star

You can learn more about Comotomo here. You can also go on over and give them a Like on Facebook.
You can purchase Comotomo bottles over on Amazon.

The opinions on here are my own, No compensation was provided. These are my honest thoughts. I received this product in exchange for my honest review. Thank You to Comotomo.

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